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Spanish lessons  by native Teacher

Spanish Now provides Spanish classes for adults, teenagers and children. Students are given a real opportunity to listen to the language in an immersion method. The groups are small and each individual has time to speak the Language. 


Alberto Alfaro from Monterrey, Mexico has been teaching foreign languages since 2001. Alberto uses a unique approach to ensure students enjoy class and understand each topic clearly.


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Conversational Spanish

Our High School Spanish 1 and 2 classes are accepted by most homeschool programs for credit.

Spanish 1-4 classes available for kids and middle school age teens.

Now is the time to study Spanish!


Spanish 1 & 2 are our Survival Spanish levels. These levels are easy on grammar and focus on everyday useful situations.

Spanish 3 & 4 cover the fundamental Spanish tenses.

 Spanish Now

Classes with songs, rhymes, games and art capture the attention of our students.