Adults Spanish 1 & 2 are our Survival Spanish levels. These levels are easy on grammar and focus on everyday useful situations.

Spanish 3 & 4 cover the fundamental Spanish tenses.

Immerse yourself locally in the Spanish Language

If you're looking to learn Spanish, Spanish Now LLC offers classes for adults, teenagers, and children. Our immersion method allows you to hear and speak the language with a seasoned instructor. Classes are held once a week and there are small group classes that start with every semester. In addition, there are limited spaces available for private classes. Don't have time to attend in person? We also offer online courses, so you can learn at your own pace.

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Grand Junction, CO

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​​​Our High School Spanish 1 and 2 classes are interactive and conversational.

Spanish classes available for kids and middle school age teens as well.

​​​Classes with songs, rhymes, games and art capture the attention of our young students.