Group classes

$90 to join a public group for 8 one-hour classes.

Private classes

Start at $35/hour. Study at your own pace at a time that is more convenient for you.

Kids/Teens classes

$180 per semester for 16 classes as well as online homework access.


Many people pay to go to a Spanish speaking country to be surrounded by Spanish. We offer a 100% Spanish class to immerse yourself as you learn.



Observe, listen, repeat and speak!


Everyday useful conversations, situations and not grammar heavy!

best of both worlds

everything is moving to online for convenience. when you become a spanish now student, you will also get membership to two websites to practice at home.



Alberto Alfaro was  born in Monterrey, Mexico and has lived in Grand Junction, CO since 2007. He has a wife and five children. Alberto has been teaching Spanish in Grand Junction since late 2009.


  • Teacher of English as a Foreign language in Mexico for six years.

  • Experience teaching all age groups.

  • Original curriculum used for Spanish course

If you have any questions for Alberto, please contact at