Grand Junction, CO

Private Lessons

In person classes are available at $40/hour.

2024 Tentative Spring Semester Schedule 


NEW- Level 1 Monday 5-6pm (Begins 1/15/24)

Level 2 Thursday 4:30pm*

Level 3 Tuesday 5:30pm (begins 2/6/24)

Level 4 Monday 7-8pm

​Level 5 Tuesday 4:30-5:30pm

Level 8 Monday 6-7pm

Homeschool High School
Spanish 1 (2nd sem) Wednesday 9am-10am

Spanish 1  (2nd sem) Wednesday 11am-12pm

Spanish 2 (2nd sem) Tuesday 10am-11pm


NEW- Level 1 Thursday 10am-11am (begins 1/18/24)

Level 3 Thursday 5:30pm* (begins 2/8/24)

Level 4 Tuesday 11am-12pm
​Level 4 Tuesday 1:30-2:30pm

Level 6 Thursday 11am-12pm 

*indicates that the group is at full capacity