Grand Junction, CO

Fall Schedule 


Spanish 1 Tuesday at 5pm Starting January 2020

Spanish 2 Monday at 5pm 
Spanish Intermediate Monday at 6pm 

Spanish Intermediate Tuesday at 6pm
Spanish Conversation (monthly)

Homeschool High School

Spanish 1 second semester Thursday at 10am 
Spanish 2 second semester Thursday at 11am 


Level 2 Wednesday at 9am

Level 2 Thursday at 3pm 

Level 3 Thursday at 4:15pm 
Level 6 Thursday at 5:15pm 

Homeschool Co-op

Spanish for kids and teens on Tuesday at the Living Springs Co-op. 

Middle school/High school at 12pm-1pm 

Elementary age at 1pm-2pm

Private Lessons

Private classes are first come first serve as there is availability. To schedule a class please visit the calendly website for the teacher of your choice: